dsr001 : Project: Komakino - The Struggle For Utopia

Project: Komakino

The Struggle For Utopia



1 – KV-1

2 – Penumbra 1

3 – Syndrome

4 – Exodus

5 – Nebula

6 – Civility

7 – Walking On Glass

8 – Age of Satisfaction

9 – Temple

10 – Syndrome – Tom Furse Remix

11 – Age of Satisfaction – MOTORAMA Remix 1

12 – Syndrome – E.Gold Remix

13 – Temple – Micron Sixty Three Remix

The Struggle For Utopia is the first album by UK’s PROJECT:KOMAKINO. Think Joy Division, Editors, The Chameleons, Interpol, The Horrors. Released through Parlour Records on DESIRE (France) and 51 Records (Japan)

The Struggle For Utopia explores themes of agoraphobia, anguish, anxiety and anger. From the paranoid swirling soundscape of KV-1, to the relentless synthesized percussion of Temple, the album envisions a world in turmoil.


• The Struggle For Utopia has been produced by Kris Kane and Bonnie Carr (Electricity In Our Homes)
• Mixed by James Aparicio (DiscError)
• Including a great remix by Tom Furse of THE HORRORS
• Also including a Temple remix by the up and coming UK act MICRON SIXTY THREE, a remix by Russians cold wave addicts MOTORAMA and a Syndrome remix by Ciaran O’ Shea (owner of DiscError and Experimental Circle Club) and Ed (Kool Kids Klub night)


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