dsr007 : DerVentilator - WhiteEP

Der Ventilator

White EP

dsr007 (2×7″)


A – Supernova

B – Glorious Days

C – Waves

D – Black Forest

Far from the well-known peaceful local indie style, Der Ventilator brings some noise in Spain! Hailing from Barcelona the quartet is the second band to secure a release on the desire singles club after LOOM11.

‘White EP’ contains 4 tracks mixing wall of noise guitars, distorted vocals with metronomic beats. Produced by James Aparicio (Liars, Ipso Facto, These New Puritans, Mogwai, DemontrĂ©…) those 4 songs were released as a limited edition and sexy white vinyl double 7″.

Der Ventilator started at the end of 2007 as a duo by the hands of Adex I.C. and Berta Pfirsich. The band then produced a well received (Mondosonoro, Sinammon, MUUMA and Korova) demo tape in 2008. Since, the band played a lot of local gigs and drew the attention of Vice Magazine among others.

In 2010 they released their first record for the NYC based label Sibling Sex Records.


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