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Evil Wicked Desire


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side A
“Evil’s Wasted On You”
Flowers of Evil
Holy Speed
Masters of Black
White Nights


side B
“No Rest For The Wicked”
Bad Blood (intro)
Deth Valley
Evening Redness
Zzombie (interlude)
Devil Between Us
No End In Sight

GHXST is a New York-based dethrock trio composed of Christopher James, Shelley X, and Nathan Gray. Their self-produced debut EP, ‘Evil’s Wasted On You’, was imagined as a twisted Lynch-esque dream in a 90s basement party. Tracks ‘Flowers of Evil’ and ‘Holy Speed’ were featured on various compilations and remixes throughout 2010.

In early 2011, GHXST released a follow-up EP, ‘No Rest For The Wicked’. Mixed by James Aparicio (Mute Records, DiscError Records), the six songs were inspired by southern gothicism and the cinematic west, exploring themes of resistance, rebellion, and death.

“A distortion-laden suite of what you could over simply describe as shoegaze with a deep groove or heavy-vibing death-rock stripped of any trace of camp… The careful blending of this murky rainbow of styles assures that GHXST is one of the groups we’ll have our eye on in the coming year.”
Pendu Magazine


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