dsr022 : OGOD + Shazzula / Discipline split cassette

OGOD + Shazzula / Discipline

split cassette

dsr022T SOLD OUT!


A1 – Ritual        
A2 – Garden Of Time        
A3- Deep Travel Into The Mind        
A4- The Opening Void


B1 – 7 Seven Oaks I        
B2 – 7 Seven Oaks II        
B3 – 7 Seven Oaks III        
B4 – 7 Seven Oaks IV        
B5 – 7 Seven Oaks V        
B6 – 7 Seven Oaks VI        
B7 – 7 Seven Oaks VII

Second tape with the mighty §ђ∆zzv∆! This time she teams with US band OGOD (Over-Gain Optimal Death) for a heavy psychedelic drone session. 40 minutes+ in 4 tracks of pure sonic assault that’ll leave you breathless and brainless too!

The B-side is the work of Discipline aka Joseph Ghosn, a French-Lebanese artist, journalist, painter that is releasing very limited artefacts of pure drone à la Eleh meets LaMonte Young. Transcendantal sounds for the mystic generation!

Very limited edition of 75 copies!


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