dsr033 : Demonologists - Side A

Demonologists / Gnaw Their Tongues

split LP




Demologists side
A1 – Midnight
A2 – Tunneling Through a Prison of Emptiness
A3 – Vats Of Blood
A4 – Flesh Melting From Bone


Gnaw Their Tongues side
B1 – The Acolyte Procession
B2 – Angels Whisper Of Pillage And Rape

desire is diving into the beast, an ocean of uncompromising sounds and structures with a split album that is cementing the reputation of two of the most extreme bands this side of Hell. This split album comes in a superb full color sleeve with a glossy finish and contains a nice professionally printed 12’’ insert. Only 300 copies were manufactured.

Demonologists is a harsh industrial noise project from the US, with releases out on such labels as diverse as Crucial Blast, Black Goat Records, Fall Of Nature, etc. How could you describe best the sound than by the founding member himself, Cory Rowell: «industrial blackened noise / horror drone /blood electronics / distortion and death / complete and total life ruination. / no fun. / life = shit.». On this recording he is accompanied by long time friend Dustin Redington.

Gnaw Their Tongues is an enigma. Black Metal, drones, dark ambient landscapes, industrial atmospheres, black noise are all combined into an unique sound. It sounds like an ideal mix of early Laibach grandiloquence with Lustmord deep ambience, AMM improv’ textures and Wolves In The Throne Room frozen atmosphere.

Reverse Cover
dsr033 : Gnaw Their Tongues - SideB

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