dsr040 : Crossover - Gloom Rmx's


Gloom Rmx's

dsr040LP LP+CD


A1 – Luv Sick Vampires (Haunted by Unison)
A2 – Don’t Tvrn Yr Back On Magic (//TENSE’s// Lose It Mix)
A3 – Wraith in the Woodz (Mater Suspiria Vision’s The Curse of Kenneth Anger Mix)
A4 – The Bvrning (AAIMON RMX)
B1 – How Covld I (Mellow Grave RMX)
B2 – Yr A Ghost (Ceremonial Dagger RMX)
B3 – Fog Machine (Valis RMX)
B4 – Svmmer in Oslo (WAR WLVZ RMX)
B5 – Mother ov God (Peachblack RMX)


Includes a 13 song CD with a full color insert
Track listing CD: same as LP + bonus tracks :


1 – Yr A Ghost (Drugs4Drunks RMX)
2 – Luv Sick Vampires (Drug Machine RMX)
3 – Wraith in the Woodz (Silver Strain RMX)
4 – Fog Machine (CROSSOVER White Rose RMX)

Their much anticipated 4th full-length album ‘GLOOM’ received zealous world wide media attention and cult like devotee support. The first half of the year has seen extensive interviews, the ultra limited box set release, and an artillery of obscure merchandise. With a string of midnight videos, numerous mix tapes & remixes, CROSSOVER attest they are not just a music group but a movement of sound, style, and ideology.

To uphold this concept desire proudly presents the ‘GLOOM RMX’s’ album featuring a cast of tomorrow’s creepiest electronic artists with remixes by: Unison, //TENSE//, Mater Suspiria Vision, ΔAIMON, Mellow Grave, Ceremonial Dagger, Valis, WAR WLVS, Peachblack, Drugs4Drunks, Drug Machine, Silver Strain, and CROSSOVER themselves.

Deviant dark dance music – wicked, mournful and dreamy. CROSSOVER – ‘GLOOM RMX’S’ LP, CD, & Poster limited to 100 copies. 9 song 33 rpm LP, thick black vinyl with 1 sided silk screened cover.


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