dsr052 : Bestial Mouths / Deathday split 12"

Deathday / Bestial Mouths

split 12"

dsr052 12″ vinyl SOLD OUT!


A1 – White Eyes
A2 – Hollowed


B1 – Dead Voices
B2 – Parasitical Slurps

Pooling together a group of influences as diverse as its members, Bestial Mouths present a raw, synth-driven energy propelled by singer Lynette Cerezo’s powerful vocals. Often likened to Diamanda Galas, Siouxsie Sioux or Lydia Lunch, Cerezo delivers each note with fury and abandon. Synthesists/keyboardists Christopher Myrick and Gustavo Aldana channel early industrial, EBM, goth and minimal synth pop in turns, blending harsh electronics and lush melodies. When fused to Aldana’s splintered programmed beats and the tribal rhythms and samples of drummer Jessica Reuter, the harmonics combine to breathe new life into post punk, weaving their own distinct creation in the process.

Bestial Mouths has released an album on Dais Records.

Constructed from the aggressive textures of early industrial music, the ambience of coldwave, and the carnal energy of post-punk; Deathday blends dark and often esoteric images with sparse, primal analog sounds.

The quartet has recently contributed tracks to Downwards’ ‘So Click Heels’ and Mannequin’s ‘The End Of Civilization’ compilations.


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