dsr066 : Blessure Grave - The Flashing

Blessure Grave

The Flashing

dsr066LP SOLD OUT!


A1 – The Flashing
A2 – My Whole Life
A3 – Water


B1 – Watching
B2 – Bestow
B3 – The Cage

Blessure Grave has grown, regressed, died and experienced rebirth since 2008. With over a dozen releases on too many labels to name, the current lineup of Owen Glendower, Carlos Sandoval and Tobias Grave has revisited the earliest acoustic-based neo-folk/post punk experiments they exhibited on Unknown Blessures, offering forth a six song record entitled The Flashing.

The first set of new material since 2010 combines melody and minimalism with lyrics exploring love, imprisonment and anxiety.


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