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1 – In Loving Memory
2 – Queen Of Swoons
3 – Full The Animal’s Teeth Out
4 – Love & Truth
5 – Acquaintance
6 – Match To Friendship
7 – This Damage Is Magic
8 – Because You Told Me To
9 – In Loving Memory (Anti-707 Mix)

Isolated in an upstate, NY bedroom studio exists TSTI, a solo project by artist S. Smith described as ‘dark, hazy synthetic pop.’ Constructing musical landscapes that combine pounding drum machines with elevated melodies, TSTI stirs the echoes of his 80’s influences into a pot of contradicting emotions to establish a diverse yet familiar and powerful sound.

The genesis of TSTI began in a 2003 but did not show its face until the summer 2011 with the self-released, 4 song demo ‘Black Envelope EP.’ The first 10 months of 2012 TSTI spent writing, recording and mixing his full-length release ‘Evaluations’ which consist of 9 tracks assessing those that surround him. With ‘Evaluations’ now unleashed, Smith is deep in the writing stages of the next installment.


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