dsr076 : Jesse Ruins - A Film

Jesse Ruins

A Film



A1. Laura Is Fading

A2. Talk To Alicia

A3. Image Of Clementine

A4. Fausta

A5. Sharon Is Frozen

A6. Uxbal In A Illusive


B1. Sleepless In Tokyo

B2. Lana

B3. Leonard’s Polaroid & Memo (Hera type2)

B4. The Red Part Of The Thin Line

B5. Before Dawn

B6. Valentine at 2am

Tokyo electronic artist Nobuyuki Sakuma began her Jesse Ruins project a couple of years back along the way releasing songs for compilations, a single for Double Denim Records and then an EP for Captured Tracks last year.

Garnering the assistance of multi-instrumentalist Nah and most recently drummer Yosuke Tuchida, Jesse Ruins is now a fully fledged trio and are set to release their debut album, ‘A Film’.

It’s a diverse affair: powerfully beat driven yet contemplative; starry eyed yet washed out. First single, ‘Laura Is Fading’ is a perfect example of this. A four four beat and pumping bass propels the track along as peculiar, almost abyss like synths provide a melody from seemingly, another world.


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